I had just bought an apartment in the basement of a house, nicely
renovated and came home tired after a long day at work. In my living room is an
elderly woman dusting off the pillows. I find myself surprised, but not angry.
She is confused and I understand she is demented. I try to talk to her and
start searching in her purse, to see if I can find her home address. While I am
doing this, more elderly people enter my living room; they come from other
places in my flat. They where dirty and sat down in chairs and sofas, some of
them had been to the toilet and their hands and fingers where cowered in
stools. They took out some coins (ten Norwegian øre) fingering with them, and
their nurse said: “ Now you know why one never should suck at money”. I cried
out: “How did you get into my flat?” This is housebreaking! Where do they come
from?” And so on. After a while I managed to drive them out of the house. Still
an electrical wheelchair was left in my bathroom, and medicine boxes and
disposable diapers where left in my living room. Suddenly a lot of children enter my flat together with their
kindergarten nurse. They run wildly around the flat. I am dead tired, angry and
speechless to the extent of feeling I have fallen from the moon in shock over
the impudence of this behaviour. In the end I manage to get them out and get
the key from the kindergarten nurse. She earlier usually used my flat as a
pause room for her and the children and had got the key from the former owner
of the flat. Finally silence. It knocks on the door. The window was broken, outside stand five shady
types. In a moment I was relieved that the door was locked. They asked me to
let them in, but I refused. A man (my boyfriend?) was with me in the flat. He
said I would never manage to handle them if I opened the door for them. The men
outside starts to break in, saying self- confidently: “ Now we will assault

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

of these episodes in the flat are about intrusion in my private space.
At the time I dreamt this, I worked at an old people’s home and had
also actually just moved into a new flat, that I had bought myself. I
was quite fed up with working at the home for old people and in need of relaxing in my home