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The aim of this blog is to show dreams from different people and cultures, how people see their own dreams and what they mean to them.
All contributions of dreams and interpretations of them in the form of text, in English or any Scandinavian language, or/and images are most welcome to:

You are welcome to remain anonymous, but please add the country you are from and where you live at present.

Thank you very much!

Oslo Norway

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:19:46

I was in my Grandmothers house. My Grandmother and I sat together at
the kitchen table, we shared a meal that she had cooked. The room was
light and sunny, she smiles at me and talks
merrily. I feel that I am very found of her. Then she goes out into the
corridor and starts to walk up the stairs. I follow her some
steps after, not to stress her, since I know she walks faster if I walk
close behind. On the top step she turns around, smiles at me and
I run after to see where she has gone, but the stair turns into big
sails of
canvas. I use all my effort to hold onto the sides of the sail and try
to hoist
myself up to the first floor, but the canvas gets slacker the further I
and I slowly slide down.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

I was very found of my
grandmother and part of my childhood I lived with her. I could trust
her, knowing that she was always there for me, and she had this
quality of not underestimating children. When I had this dream she
was 91 years old, and I think I sort of prepared myself for that she could not
live forever. I could bring with me the qualities she had given inside of me,
represented by the meal we ate that she had cooked

Oslo Norway

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:19:21

Ingebjørg Torgersen

Essex England

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:17:48

I dreamt my girlfriends cat kept walking backwards and forwards through the cat flap and getting bigger then smaller…Strange.


Bergen Norway

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:12:22

I had just been in an accident together with three other people and
literary lost my head, I did not bleed much though. We where at an old
fashioned hospital and sat together thinking and speaking. I found both very
difficult without a head. I tried to write a bit, but all I wrote became
disjointed and senseless. Our heads were on the bed behind a cupboard and we
put them back on our throats when we wanted to smoke. But they where completely
loose and had nothing but a mechanical function. Some cats came in and I
cuddled them, it felt simple to do that and I liked it. It was something I felt
I could manage. Doctors came in to examine us, and thought we functioned odd,
but they gave me little attention. Then the doctors chased away the cats, I
tried to protest, but it was not easy to talk without a mouth. The cats did not
heed them and came back and I continued to cuddle with them. A doctor called
and asked us many questions on the phone said he was doing a paper on our case.
None of us where good at talking, but some of the others took their heads back
on, in the end I managed to speak using only my vocal chords. I could not
think, but tried anyway to answer the questions.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

this dream is about loosing ones head in the sense of not beeing able
to think. It might also be a reminder of how much of our consciounsness
that is in our heads, but that it in some ways is possible to function
without this “head consciousness”. In this state I can relax with
simple things, things that got to do with sensing, touching and love
for animals.

Bergen Norway

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:11:12

Snails, I was about to hold an origami workshop for some snails, but
they came to early and I did not manage to take proper care of them because I
was busy cleaning out of the house and packing for a flee market. They was
crawling around in the attic; they needed to be warmed a bit to make them
lively. Some laid in a drawer with steam, the others were getting cold and some
were lying on their backs. I became frightened that they where about to die. My
mother told me there where certain rules for politeness that hindered guests
from dying, but they where not usual. She asked: “Are they dressed?” I told
her: “No”. “Then you can’t ask them to undress and bid them sit down with a cup
of coffee”. I was moving from the flat and everything was bearing sign of
breaking up. I found some old things and pictures connected to memories.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

I feel this is about beeing too busy making changes in life, leaving
too little time and effort taking care of friendship, to keep relations
with friends “warm” perhaps? Why snails? I have no idea! Then I get
this advice from my mother about how custom can help me hinder my
friendships from dying.

Oslo Norway

dreams Posted on Fri, June 15, 2012 18:08:29

I have left been and forgotten