Snails, I was about to hold an origami workshop for some snails, but
they came to early and I did not manage to take proper care of them because I
was busy cleaning out of the house and packing for a flee market. They was
crawling around in the attic; they needed to be warmed a bit to make them
lively. Some laid in a drawer with steam, the others were getting cold and some
were lying on their backs. I became frightened that they where about to die. My
mother told me there where certain rules for politeness that hindered guests
from dying, but they where not usual. She asked: “Are they dressed?” I told
her: “No”. “Then you can’t ask them to undress and bid them sit down with a cup
of coffee”. I was moving from the flat and everything was bearing sign of
breaking up. I found some old things and pictures connected to memories.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

I feel this is about beeing too busy making changes in life, leaving
too little time and effort taking care of friendship, to keep relations
with friends “warm” perhaps? Why snails? I have no idea! Then I get
this advice from my mother about how custom can help me hinder my
friendships from dying.