I had just been in an accident together with three other people and
literary lost my head, I did not bleed much though. We where at an old
fashioned hospital and sat together thinking and speaking. I found both very
difficult without a head. I tried to write a bit, but all I wrote became
disjointed and senseless. Our heads were on the bed behind a cupboard and we
put them back on our throats when we wanted to smoke. But they where completely
loose and had nothing but a mechanical function. Some cats came in and I
cuddled them, it felt simple to do that and I liked it. It was something I felt
I could manage. Doctors came in to examine us, and thought we functioned odd,
but they gave me little attention. Then the doctors chased away the cats, I
tried to protest, but it was not easy to talk without a mouth. The cats did not
heed them and came back and I continued to cuddle with them. A doctor called
and asked us many questions on the phone said he was doing a paper on our case.
None of us where good at talking, but some of the others took their heads back
on, in the end I managed to speak using only my vocal chords. I could not
think, but tried anyway to answer the questions.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

this dream is about loosing ones head in the sense of not beeing able
to think. It might also be a reminder of how much of our consciounsness
that is in our heads, but that it in some ways is possible to function
without this “head consciousness”. In this state I can relax with
simple things, things that got to do with sensing, touching and love
for animals.