I was in my Grandmothers house. My Grandmother and I sat together at
the kitchen table, we shared a meal that she had cooked. The room was
light and sunny, she smiles at me and talks
merrily. I feel that I am very found of her. Then she goes out into the
corridor and starts to walk up the stairs. I follow her some
steps after, not to stress her, since I know she walks faster if I walk
close behind. On the top step she turns around, smiles at me and
I run after to see where she has gone, but the stair turns into big
sails of
canvas. I use all my effort to hold onto the sides of the sail and try
to hoist
myself up to the first floor, but the canvas gets slacker the further I
and I slowly slide down.

Dreamer’s thoughts to the dream, own interpretation:

I was very found of my
grandmother and part of my childhood I lived with her. I could trust
her, knowing that she was always there for me, and she had this
quality of not underestimating children. When I had this dream she
was 91 years old, and I think I sort of prepared myself for that she could not
live forever. I could bring with me the qualities she had given inside of me,
represented by the meal we ate that she had cooked