I got a letter from the tax office that told me I had
to move from the country, that I where not wished even if I was an albino. I am
a woman, but in the letter they addressed me as Alexander, so it was clearly a
misunderstanding. But I was furious just the same, felt unwanted and wanted to
call the tax office to storm and rage at them. But it was Saturday at 8 pm so
the office was closed. I lived with a friend on charity. She should have a
gourmet dinner with a friend that was actually also my friend, but I was not
invited. The son of the friend Trym that lived with us too, came home too late
in a taxi. He had been with his father and lost track of time. My friends where
still away eating their gourmet dinner, but they had left some slices of meet
in the house. I sneaked out and ate some of them with my fingers. Tear them
apart and stuffed my mouth full of them, they where delicate and juicy.

I am at the balcony outside my flat and discover an
unknown man inside my flat. I am scared but not hamstrung. He comes towards me
out on the balcony, self-assured. I pretend I am not bothered at all, while I
try to call the police. But he and his friend have disconnected the phone so I
come to one of his friends instead. I try to hold a light tone, even flirting a
little and ask him if I can show him something. I take his arm and do a nikkyo
lock, that is an aikido technique. When he lies down I tell him to clap his
hand in the floor if it hurts. He is complying. Suddenly I am in a cave
training aikido. Our usual trainer is coaching us, I am allowed to practice
with him. I tell him I find it fabulous to practice with him, that I like him
really much, that he has such a wonderful power and so on. Then it is
graduation, many more people comes and sits in lines on their knees. One of my
fellow course members that have got a hakama shall graduate. That goes well for
him and we eat sushi.