I am part of
a white family that just had 12 piglets. People are born as piglets and changes
to humans when adult. We are cutting big sheets of cardboard and paint them in
different colours to create hang gliders for the piglets so they can start
their life with a flight.
Then we go to visit a black family that expect piglets. The black family are
rich and the white are not. The families are nomads living in great bags, the
blacks live in great and very expensive sports bags. The black woman shows us
the nice blue cardboard sheets she just bought fabric coloured, she proudly
shows us four blue cardboards in different nuances each with the name of the
coming piglet on. My fathers ex wife looks at it and says: “But they are more
beautiful, when we colour them ourselves”. The black woman nods but say: “It
has to be expensive!”
Our family is going back home, we live in second hand army bags under a tree.
We start to tie the piglets to their hang gliders. Each leg tied to a corner of
the cardboard and let them into the air. They struggle to keep their legs
straight, their legs shivering with strain.
After the flight, the family eats dinner. We discover a little black piglet,
which egg we accidentally brought with from the black family. He is black, but
has blond hair on his head. The other little piglets squeeze him, but do not
manage to kill him and hand him over to me. I squeeze him around his back and
stomach until his eyes are bulging, but can somehow not bring myself to use my
full strength. The little black piglet gets fed up with me, taking too long to
kill him, so he asks me to stop. I stop and he is accepted as a member of the